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Skipping rope PRO Yakimasport 100338

Skipping rope PRO Yakimasport 100338

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Skipping rope PRO Yakimasport 100338


ALUMINUM JUMP is a light and durable skipping rope with a steel cord and aluminum elongated handles, specially designed for intensive speed training and coordination.

The 300 cm long cord with screw lock is easy to adjust in length. The built-in bearing system and movable connector give the rope a smooth rotation, prevent the cable from twisting and allow for really intense training. The rope can easily be accelerated to speeds suitable for high, double and triple jumps.

Product use:

Warm-up, speed and agility training, aerobic and interval training. Exercise with a skipping rope helps in burning fat, increases coordination and fitness.

Technical data:

- material: aluminum
- total length: 17 cm
- handle length: 15 cm
- cable length: 300 cm
- weight: 200 g
- embedded bearing system: YES

Category Accessories
Gender Men, Women, Kids
Sport Training
Product type Training equipment
Subcategory Ropes
Producer Yakimasport
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