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Shepa 053 M T26-9275 swimming trunks

Shepa 053 M T26-9275 swimming trunks

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Shepa Swimwear 053


These swimming trunks are not only made of the best materials, but also look beautiful on the body,
they have a professional look and are extremely comfortable. Perfectly emphasize the buttocks, give a dynamic silhouette
appearance, and the side inserts and cuts will slim the silhouette. Extremely comfortable shorts have been designed like this
to provide you with maximum comfort while moving in water and on land. Drawstring at the waist with a narrow elastic band
panties additionally have a string to tie.


  • navy
  • blue


  • 80% polyamide
  • 20% elastane

Category Clothing
Gender Men
Sport Swimming
Product type Swimming clothing
Subcategory Swimwear - briefs
Producer Another
Material Polyamide, Elastane
Colour Navy blue, Blue
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