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Double massage ball / Duo Ball HMS BLM02 12 * 24CM

Double massage ball / Duo Ball HMS BLM02 12 * 24CM

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Double massage ball / Duo Ball HMS BLM02 12 * 24CM


  • BLM02 HMS are double balls used to relax overstrained myofascial points
  • BLM02 HMS massage balls are very easy to use
  • just put it on a hard surface, e.g. a wall or floor, so as to stabilize its movement, then press selected points on the body
  • using massage balls we can reach even the most difficult muscle parts available
  • their effectiveness is due to the small size, thanks to which it is possible to precisely press the trigger points, i.e. the source of pain
  • BLM02 HMS balls are dedicated to athletes of various levels
  • are great for minor neck, shoulder, shoulder, arm and leg pains
  • they are often used by CROSS FIT trainers to improve their mobility


  • material: EPP
  • dimensions 12x24


  • 24 months warranty

Category Accessories
Gender Men, Women, Kids
Subcategory Girls, Boys
Sport Training
Product type Training equipment
Subcategory Cardio equipment
Cardio equipment Massagers
Colour Black
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