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Coordination ladder 6m HMS Premium DK06

Coordination ladder 6m HMS Premium DK06

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Coordination ladder 6m HMS Premium DK06


  • DK06 coordination ladder allows you to perform many exercises to improve speed, flexibility, reflexes, agility, power and coordination
  • works in any field of sport as an additional element of training, or as a warm-up before the next exercise. Regular training also has a positive effect on joint stability and endurance
  • finds its application in every sport where speed and agility play an important role. Used in various disciplines such as team games and martial arts
  • exercises with the use of a ladder have no age restrictions, so they are also great for the youngest sports enthusiasts. The device will be used by both professionals and beginners
  • DK06 coordination ladder is the perfect variety to and training improvement


  • Material: TPE + nylon
  • Dimensions: 600 cm x 47 cm
  • Number of rungs: 12


  • not intended for commercial use
  • 24 months warranty

Category Accessories
Gender Men, Women, Kids
Subcategory Girls, Boys
Sport Training
Product type Training equipment
Subcategory Ladders
Producer HMS
Colour Black
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