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Tights Zina Vini M 00092-014 White

Tights Zina Vini M 00092-014 White

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Tights Zina Vini M 00092-014 White

Winter days don't have to be a time to gain weight. Appropriate clothing is enough to make physical activity pleasant also during frosts.


  • The ZINA brand offers VINI thermoactive stretchers.
  • This underwear has been designed not only for footballers, because it can be used by avid runners.
  • However, all of them must have in common the feature of considerable technical requirements.
  • These are also met by VINI clamps.
  • The model we recommend will work in minus temperatures, but it can also be used in early spring and late autumn.
  • The production uses 92% polyamide and 8% elastane.
  • The first material is an improved version of a synthetic fiber that perfectly wicks moisture away from the skin and makes the tights completely waterproof.
  • In addition, it ensures freedom of movement, proper body temperature during any physical activity and absorbs sweat, giving a feeling of dryness.
  • The use of a small admixture of elastane is to make the material resistant to damage and scratches and to give the tighteners proper stretch.
  • Appropriately warm and flexible material maintains the heat generated during training, which allows you to maintain optimal body temperature, even during severe frost.
  • The product is perfect as the first layer of football clothing.
  • It has been used by many professional footballers who have confirmed our quality guarantee.
  • Available in four colors - red, white, black and blue.
  • They will match any winter and sports outfit.


  • 82% polyamide
  • 8% elastane


  • white

Category Clothing
Gender Men
Sport Football, Football - Goalkeeper
Product type Pants, shorts
Subcategory Under shorts
Subcategory Fitted style
Subcategory Under shorts
Goalkeeper equipment Protective and thermoactive clothing
Producer Zina
Material Polyamide, Elastane
Colour White
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