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Tempish Respect 2 M 13500004944 goalkeeper jersey

Tempish Respect 2 M 13500004944 goalkeeper jersey

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TEMPISH Respect 2 jersey


  • RESPECT 2 goalkeeper jersey - The second generation of RESPECT goalkeeper jersey.
  • Material The functionality of the sweatshirt is enhanced by the knit system that wicks sweat away.
  • The cut, materials and construction used help the goalkeeper to achieve high scores.
  • Lining Sweatshirt with inner lining. The new lining system provides better coverage of the entire torso of the goalkeeper, increasing protection.
  • Moving in the new RESPECT 2 sweatshirt will be even easier than in the previous model.

Color: Blue, Orange

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Size S: Length 73cm, width 59cm, sleeve from the neckline 82cm (shoulder 14cm)

Size M: Length 76cm, width 65cm, sleeve from the neckline 89cm (shoulder 18cm)

Size L: Length 79cm, width 68cm, sleeve from the neckline 91cm (shoulder 18cm)

Size XL: Length 82cm, width 70cm, sleeve from the neckline 92cm (shoulder 20cm)

Size XXL: Length 85cm, width 70cm, sleeve from the neckline 95cm (shoulder 20cm)

Category Clothing
Gender Men
Sport Winter sports
Product type Sweatshirts
Producer Tempish
Colour Black, Blue, Orange
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