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Sweatshirt Zina Ganador Pro 2.0 training Jr 0F1A-57875 Red\Anthracite

Sweatshirt Zina Ganador Pro 2.0 training Jr 0F1A-57875 Red\Anthracite

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Zina Ganador Pro 2.0 Training Sweatshirt Jr


  • Children's 1/2-zip training sweatshirt
  • Ganador 2.0 The modern football sweatshirt Ganador 2.0 is a continuation of the iconic Zina series.
  • The product combines high functionality with an interesting design, thanks to which your team will be able to train at the highest level.
  • Ganador in the refreshed version is recommended to all football lovers, regardless of the level of advancement.
  • The clothing allows you to maintain freedom of movement and works perfectly in any weather.
  • Ganador is resistant to deformation, breathes during exercise and wicks away moisture well.
  • In the new edition, they have been improved to give the players even greater comfort of playing on the pitch.
  • Ganador 2.0 is a classic sweatshirt adapted to the requirements of modern football.
  • Designed for playing at the highest level, the professional slim fit tracksuit is comfortable and relatively lightweight.
  • It behaves perfectly during all types of plays.
  • The durable material makes this cover perfect for playing on any surface, from tartan to artificial grass or stadium turf.
  • In addition, the material is soft to the touch and perfectly copes with water drainage.
  • Thanks to its structure, it is suitable for playing on sunny days and in the rain.
  • At low temperatures, the sweatshirt warms the body, preventing it from cooling down.
  • It is worth noting that it is durable and serves players for many years and does not deform, unlike cheaper substitutes.
  • Modern design Gandor 2.0 is available in various colors and designs.
  • Thanks to this, everyone can choose it for their needs - e.g. for club colors - and enjoy a representative look.
  • Modern, effective design allows you to stand out on the pitch and create a professional image.
  • A new level of play The product is a great offer for sports clubs and players.
  • It was designed to enable comfortable playing at the highest level, and its production was preceded by a series of tests.
  • Choose the style of clothing in terms of your own preferences and create your football image.


  • Polyester


  • red, graphite

Category Clothing
Gender Kids
Subcategory Girls, Boys
Sport Football, Training
Product type Sweatshirts
Subcategory Sweatshirts with 1/2 zip
Producer Zina
Material Polyester
Colour Red
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