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Reebok TPE 5 MM Yoga Mat RAYG-11045GR

Reebok TPE 5 MM Yoga Mat RAYG-11045GR

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A Reebok TPE yoga mat is useful for anyone practicing yoga, no matter how advanced they are. Non-slip surface ensures stability and comfort during training. You will fully focus on the accuracy of the exercises and also reduce the risk of injury. Regardless of whether you do yoga, Pilates, run or just do a few crunches in the evening, a training mat is something that will be very useful to you and you will appreciate its benefits.

If you practice yoga, you can do all your training comfortably on the mat. For other athletes, the mat will be useful for stretching after training, or for performing stabilizing and complementary exercises. If you only occasionally do a few push-ups and sit-ups, you'll also need extra support for your spine and joints.


Material: TPE

Dimensions: 176 x 61 cm (L x W)

Thickness: 5 mm

Grey colour

Warranty: 2 years


Being active and enjoying sports will affect both the body and mind. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies and the unique design of Reebok equipment and accessories, each workout brings you closer to achieving your goal.

Reebok goes above and beyond by giving you training products of above-average quality.

Perfectly matched materials, reliability and design innovation ensure that when you choose Reebok products, you will enjoy them for many years.

Category Accessories
Gender Men, Women, Kids
Sport Training
Product type Training equipment
Subcategory Mats
Producer Reebok
Colour Gray/Silver
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