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Pants Zina Ganadores 3/4 M 00199-014 Navy\White

Pants Zina Ganadores 3/4 M 00199-014 Navy\White

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Pants Zina Ganadores 3/4 M 00199-014 Navy\White

  • Properties:
  • 3/4 GANADORES training pants are a proposal for the most demanding footballers.
  • Their professional workmanship guarantees freedom of movement during football training or other physical activity.
  • The pants are made of a delicate and breathable Polyester Semi-Functional material.
  • It is a knitted fabric with a soft combination of microfiber fibers.
  • This combination improves breathability and makes the overall product pleasant to the touch.
  • The outfit is made in such a way as to adapt to the figure of each player, also allowing you to perform movements in the full range.
  • Pants are elastic, very effectively holding the waist.
  • Partial ribbing at the hem ensures the product will stay in place while you move, while still fulfilling its function.
  • The biggest advantage of the GANADORES training pants from ZINA are hydrophilic properties.
  • This promotes thermoregulation of the body, dissipating excessive heat to the outside while ensuring the right body temperature.
  • This solution is especially useful in the event of an intense football match or other physical activity.
  • Pants are perfect for the outdoor pitch during low temperatures or rain.
  • The technology used affects the ability to absorb sweat.
  • The model FIT cut was used, which is characterized by a strong fit to the body.
  • Well emphasizes the athletic figure.
  • The 3/4 type legs are tapered, which prevents them from rolling up and allows you to maintain maximum comfort during the game.

Dominant material:

  • polyester


  • navy blue, white

Category Clothing
Gender Men
Sport Football
Product type Pants, shorts
Subcategory 3/4 pants
Subcategory Loose style
Referee\\\\\\\'s equipment Shorts
Producer Zina
Material Polyester
Colour Navy blue
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