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Hammock, aerial tiguar sash 6m plum

Hammock, aerial tiguar sash 6m plum

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Tiguar aerial silks (also known as vertical scarves) are a training accessory most often chosen by professionals and people training at a higher level of advancement. Sashes are designed for high rooms, because the figures performed on them require space. Aerial silks are the basic equipment of aerial studios. In addition, they are chosen by the owners of pole dance studios, fitness clubs and yoga studios who want to expand their offer. The use of sashes in functional training is an alternative to the suspended belt system. The tiguar aerial silk sash is an endless range of exercises that can be performed on the floor and in the air, as well as a unique experience that expands body awareness and provides an extraordinary aesthetic experience. Training on a sash allows you to experience the beauty of dancing in the air in a unique way. How to choose the length of the sash? The sashes are available in three lengths: 6, 7 and 8 m. To choose the perfect sash length, use the following formula: 2 x room height + min. 2 x 0.5 m (max. 2 x 2 m)* = sash length. * amount of material lying on the floor Example 1: room height (2 x 3.5 m) + (2 x 0.5 m) = 8 m Example 2: room height (2 x 3 m) + (2 x 0.5 m) = 7 m The sashes are prepared in quick-assembly kits - tied and mounted on accessories - climbing figure eight and carabiner. To hang the set in a club or at home, you only need a ceiling mount. The kit also includes an accessory cover. When using the sash, the metal parts rub against each other and can create dust - the use of a dust cover allows you to retain dust and increases the safety of using the sash. The sheath cannot be put on the swivel. Application aerial gymnastics training with elements of acrobatics aerial yoga stretching and strengthening exercises relaxation and meditation strengths safety of use - each batch of tiguar aerial silks is tested and checked; very high safety factor - 12:1 material - tiguar aerial silks sashes are made of 100% polyester, the best material for the production of sashes large amount of antistatic additive low ductility (vertical) - 7-9% - significantly increases the comfort of exercises and makes it easier to perform Polish production - sashes are manufactured in Poland, and the entire production process is subject to detailed supervision by experts perfect flexibility (low-medium stretch) precise cutting and hemming of the end edges ensures product durability can be tied and to some extent used as an aerial hammock sold in a ready-made set (sash , carabiner, climbing figure eight, equipment cover) WHAT INCLUDES THE SET? sash oval carabiner figure eight mountaineering cover for accessories All elements are assembled and ready to be hung on the ceiling bracket. The material of the sash has been tied and fastened to the climbing figure eight, which is attached to the carabiner. The cover is already attached to the hardware. We have a full range of accessories for aerial training, including carabiners, slings, ceiling handles or safety mattresses. Important information tiguar aerial silk sash: basic lengths*: 6, 7 and 8 m width: 150 cm (+/- 7.5 cm) load capacity: 100 kg (maximum weight of a person who can safely use aerial silks) ductility: 7 -9% safety factor: 12:1 country of origin: Poland available colors: light grey, plum, marine, graphite * optionally, other sizes are available on individual request oval carabiner: material: galvanized steel longitudinal strength: 20 kN weight: 170 g product the color of the nut may differ depending on the batch Mountaineering figure eight: material: aluminum strength in the longitudinal axis: min. 25 kN weight: 200 g color: black Warranty period: 12 months for commercial applications; 24 months for an individual client AERIAL TRAINING Thanks to training in the air, you will develop the muscles of the hips, loins and abdomen, which are responsible for stabilizing the spine and pelvis, maintaining the correct body posture and strengthening the entire figure. In addition, you will strengthen your arms, stretch your leg muscles and develop coordination and proprioception. If you are a beginner, you can start with a hammock (this is the least difficult accessory) and then work your way up to training on a sash or an acrobatic wheel. And once you feel comfortable in training in the air, it's time to enjoy the aesthetics of movement and delightful choreography. Aerial training, depending on the selected accessory and the ambitions of the practitioner, can be easy or extremely demanding. Thus, it gives satisfaction both at the basic and advanced stages of exercise. Due to the suspension exercises, beginners should use the help of an experienced instructor who will help them start this fascinating adventure. Training in the air is loved by both women and children. Men rarely have so much courage... Safety in use When training in the air, safety is of particular importance. That is why we have used reliable mountaineering equipment in our aerial products. The materials we use each time undergo rigorous quality tests. That's why we know that all tiguar aerial products and accessories meet safety standards. We check every batch - both hardware and fabrics, so we can vouch for their highest quality. Thanks to numerous tests, we know that the maximum weight of a person who can safely use a hammock or sash (load capacity) is 100 kg. This gives a very high safety factor - 12:1 (where 12 is the static load and 1 is the lifting capacity). For the acrobatic wheel, the lifting capacity and safety factor are 140 kg and 7:1 respectively.

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