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Zina CONTRA SENIOR 02447-014 match suit (Green\White)

Zina CONTRA SENIOR 02447-014 match suit (Green\White)

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CONTRA football tracksuit Getting to know the pitch before the match is one of the most important elements of the psychological game before the football competition. Although we usually do it subconsciously, without controlling our own feelings, we perceive well-presented footballers as the better ones. Do you want to arouse the respect of your opponent before the first whistle and show him that you and your team came here for a crushing victory? Dress sporty, but with class and with your head held high, go out on the pitch. The whole art we wrote about above will be made easier for you by the CONTRA football tracksuit. It is an ideal sportswear product for players of all levels. Classic, men's design allows you to match the tracksuit to all match sets and satisfy even the most demanding footballers. The purpose of the tracksuit is, of course, outdoor training, but nothing stands in the way of using it during physical activity indoors. When designing the set, we focused on 100% SOFT TOUCH polyester material. It is a soft to the touch knitwear that belongs to the group of multifunctional materials, combining durability and flexibility. Thanks to this, you get a tracksuit resistant to damage and any scratches. Appropriate stretching of the material allows you to enjoy the maximum range of movements during the game, while not disturbing the player in critical moments. Partial ribbed cuffs help keep the sweatshirt in place as you move, while still serving its purpose. Additional inserts in the middle of the sleeves prevent rolling up, which is necessary during activity. No more constantly adjusting your clothes as soon as a teammate puts in more strength during a one-on-one game. In the CONTRA football tracksuit, we used the Active Interwave technology. This is a special type of fabric weave that allows you to properly adjust the outfit to the footballer's figure and guarantees excellent body ventilation. In summer, the skin breathes properly and regenerates, while in winter it maintains the warmth needed to achieve the best performance results. The solution used ensures optimal hydrophilic properties, which helps to improve the body's thermoregulation, and also improves the permeability of warm air and the ability to absorb sweat. You will never feel unpleasant moisture on the inside of the sweatshirt again. The design of tracksuits, in turn, is classic minimalism to gain recognition not only from teammates, but above all to arouse the respect of the rival. The cut of the sweatshirt includes a FULL zipper and tapered pants. They are equipped with two capacious pockets in the side seams with zippers. This combination makes it a universal product. CONTRA provides the highest quality visual effect.

Category Clothing
Gender Men
Sport Football
Product type Tracksuits
Producer Zina
Colour White, Green
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