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Training pants Ganador 2.0 Jr 02380-212 Navy\Blue

Training pants Ganador 2.0 Jr 02380-212 Navy\Blue

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Training pants Ganador 2.0 Jr 02380-212 Navy\Blue


  • The modern Ganador 2.0 football tracksuit is a continuation of the iconic series of Zina tracksuits. The product combines high functionality with an interesting design, thanks to which your team will be able to train at the highest level.
  • We recommend the Ganador tracksuit in the refreshed version to all football lovers, regardless of the level of advancement. The clothing allows you to maintain freedom of movement and works perfectly in any weather.
  • The first version of the Ganador tracksuit won the recognition of footballers all over Poland. Modern technologies and an interesting look of the tracksuit have earned it many positive opinions. Ganador tracksuits are resistant to deformation, breathe during exercise and wick away moisture well.
  • In the new edition, they have been improved to give the players even greater comfort of playing on the pitch. Ganador 2.0 is a classic tracksuit adapted to the requirements of modern football.
  • The professional slim fit tracksuit is comfortable and relatively light. It behaves perfectly during all types of plays. It is worth paying attention primarily to the calf-tight legs, which are most often used in professional football outfits.
  • The durable fabric makes the tracksuit ideal for playing on any surface, from tartan to artificial grass or stadium turf. In addition, the material is soft to the touch and perfectly copes with water drainage. Thanks to its structure, it is suitable for playing on sunny days and in the rain. At low temperatures, the tracksuit warms the body, preventing it from cooling down. It is worth noting that it is durable and serves players for many years and does not deform, unlike cheaper substitutes.
  • Gandor 2.0 tracksuits are available in various colors and patterns. Thanks to this, everyone can choose it for their needs - e.g. for club colors - and enjoy a representative look.
  • Modern, effective design allows you to stand out on the pitch and create a professional image.
  • Thanks to the wide color palette, the tracksuit can be matched to shoes and other football accessories. Each variant of tracksuits has interesting color accents that make the sweatshirt and pants fit together perfectly.
  • The product is a great offer for sports clubs and players.
  • It was designed to enable comfortable playing at the highest level, and its production was preceded by a series of tests. The second version of the Ganador tracksuit is a proven solution that has been further improved. Choose the style of clothing in terms of your own preferences and create your football image.


  • navy

Category Clothing
Gender Kids
Subcategory Boys
Sport Football
Product type Pants, shorts
Subcategory Long pants
Subcategory Loose style
Producer Ganador
Material Polyester
Colour Navy blue
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