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Tighteners Zina Bionic thermoactive Jr 01803-214 Green

Tighteners Zina Bionic thermoactive Jr 01803-214 Green

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Tighteners Zina Bionic thermoactive Jr 01803-214 green


  • Undershorts by Zina, model designed for children
  • Sports underwear, thermoactive tights
  • BIONIC shorts are high-quality thermoactive underwear for playing ball and other sports.
  • It has been designed for everyone who improves their skills in all conditions and has high technical requirements for sportswear.
  • The material from which the shorts were made and their cut prevent irritation, giving you the opportunity to fully concentrate on the game and training.
  • Sports underwear guarantees a feeling of dryness, airiness and support for the most sensitive muscle parts, reducing the risk of injury.
  • Thermoactive tights from Zina available in several new colors!


  • 90% polyester,
  • 10% elastane


  • green

Category Clothing
Gender Kids
Subcategory Boys
Sport Football, Training
Product type Pants, shorts
Subcategory Under shorts
Subcategory Fitted style
Subcategory Under shorts
Referee\\\\\\\'s equipment Shorts
Producer Colo
Material Polyester, Elastane
Colour Green
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