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Shorts Zina Iluvio Jr 01924-217

Shorts Zina Iluvio Jr 01924-217

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  • The ILUVIO Junior match shorts are a combination of high-class, functional Interlock polyester material with a timeless design.
  • The shorts are made to work in all weather conditions and not only when playing football, but also during other physical activities.
  • The garment is the fruit of the work of ZINA LAB and has the innovative ACTIVE DRY technology. It is a system that wicks all moisture to the outside of the clothes, ensuring not only dryness and breathability, but also resistance to excessive friction during the game. In the summer, the shorts protect against overheating, and in the winter - against hypothermia, maintaining the optimal body temperature to improve your sports performance.
  • The unique cut of the shorts makes them soft to the touch and very gentle on the skin.
  • The manufacturer's logo on the left leg emphasizes the sports personification.


  • 100% Polyester Interlock


  • green

Category Clothing
Gender Kids
Subcategory Boys
Sport Football
Product type Pants, shorts
Subcategory Shorts
Subcategory Match shorts
Subcategory Loose style
Producer Zina
Material Polyester
Colour Green
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