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Shorts Zina Contra M 9CB8-821E8_20230203145554 white

Shorts Zina Contra M 9CB8-821E8_20230203145554 white

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  • CONTRA men's match shorts.
  • The shorts are made of 100% Interlock polyester. So they will withstand any force clash on the turf, but at the same time they are flexible and will not irritate your skin.
  • The sporty cut of the CONTRA shorts ensures full freedom during any physical activity.
  • In the production, we used the proprietary ACTIVE DRY technology, which is created by a specially developed by ZINA sweat drainage system. This solution gives a feeling of dryness, reduces friction and ensures full dynamics of the game.
  • The shorts are also prepared for a large temperature difference. So they protect against both cooling and overheating. Optimal body temperature helps to improve athletic performance. In this way, the risk of muscle injury and common cold will be reduced.
  • The ergonomic cut strikes the perfect balance between looks and direct game impact.
  • The manufacturer's logo sewn on the left leg emphasizes the sporty character.


  • polyester


  • white

Category Clothing
Gender Men
Sport Football
Product type Pants, shorts
Subcategory Shorts
Subcategory Match shorts
Subcategory Loose style
Producer Zina
Material Polyester
Colour White
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