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Rebounder Pro Solo Zina 02625-000

Rebounder Pro Solo Zina 02625-000

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Rebounder PRO Solo is a universal device for training the technique of field players and goalkeepers. Working on a rebounder translates perfectly not only into functional technique but also into coordination and concentration. Thanks to the rebounder, you can perform individual training to improve ball control and foot positioning when passing and shooting. The double-sided version with different functions allows you to perform various exercises at the same time. On one side, the rebounder bounces the ball over the top when we hit the wave-shaped net, and on the other hand, it hits the ball on the ground when we hit the bottom wall. Dimensions: 112x102x70 cm Advantages of the PRO Solo rebounder: - Stable construction - Flexible bottom mesh - Profiled and elastic "wave" mesh - Double-sided, serves two functions

Category Accessories
Gender Men, Women, Kids
Sport Football
Product type Training equipment
Subcategory Rebounders
Producer Zina
Colour Black, Red
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